Google Unbans Crypto Ads for Licensed Companies in the US & Japan

Google Unbans Crypto Ads for Licensed Companies in the US & Japan

In March 2018, we reported that Google banned crypto advertisements starting from June this year. This fact was one of factors of the cryptocurrency market decline.

The crypto market is still in stagnation now, except for some occasions with particular coins (for example, recent Ripple surge). However, the global environment is becoming more friendly for digital coins.

Recently, Google has unbanned crypto-ads, but only certain kinds. The motivation behind it includes criticism from some investment firms and unfair punishment of legitimate companies. In particular, Blackmore Group CEO Philip Nunn, has commented the situation as follows:

“I understand that Facebook & Google are under a lot of pressure to regulate what their users are reading, but they are still advertising gambling websites and other unethical practices.”

The new Google policy will start in October. It will apply to advertisers all over the world, however, advertisements can only be launched in the United States and Japan. Companies will have to apply for appropriate certificates in order to run crypto-related ads. It is expected that the reverse ban will become international with the course of time.

Thus, we can see that restrictions and limitations, which were one of triggers of cryptocurrency market decline during the first half of 2018, gradually disappear. This is a good sign and we’d like to believe that the market will recover soon.