Natalie Brunell: Net Worth, Bitcoin, Age, Husband

Natalie Brunell: Net Worth, Bitcoin, Age, Husband

Natalie Brunell is one of the most popular hosts who works with the leaders of the crypto industry, and even invests in promising projects herself. She has an incredible career, but now she has dedicated herself to bitcoin. She launched the successful Coin Stories podcast. The journalist managed to interview the most influential players in the cryptocurrency market.

How Did Natalie Brunell Make Money?

Natalie born in 1986. Many of her viewers have noticed that she looks younger than her age. This is due to the fact that she is doing what she loves, and her family supports her in this.

In the crypto community, her name became known only in 2021, when she launched the author’s podcast Coin Stories. Previously, she successfully implemented the Career Stories project. It was on its basis that a podcast about cryptocurrencies and blockchain later appeared.

By this time, Brunell was already a successful journalist who received large fees. She has several Emmy awards to her credit. This explains why the whales of the digital asset market are happy to agree to give her an interview.

More than 270 thousand people have already subscribed to her Twitter. Natalie has become a true leader of public opinion. This helps her make money. In her social networks, you can find confirmation of cooperation with some crypto startups. For a mention in her podcast, Instagram or Twitter, many projects are willing to pay good money.

Many wonder what role her husband played in her financial success. There is very little information about him, because Natalie practically does not mention him on his personal blog. His name is Chris Alvarez and he is a colleague of Natalie. They worked together. The man is a sports journalist and TV presenter. There is no exact data on what kind of relationship they are in now, but the couple has a daughter.

Natalie Brunell Net Worth 2023

Natalie Brunell net worth

Until 2021, Brunell’s annual income was about $250,000. After narrowing down her interests, we estimate her income at $500,000. The woman has become the mouthpiece of the crypto community. Advertising on her channel or social networks is expensive, and there are a lot of people willing to pay her. Natalie has not been seen advertising scam projects. He values his reputation.

Her net worth reaches $1.5 million. It is likely that she keeps some of these funds in cryptocurrency.

How Much Crypto Does Natalie Brunell Have?

Natalie Brunell bitcoin

The woman is part of the bitcoin community but never talks about her crypto portfolio. Her followers see that she is constantly traveling and can spend a lot of money. She earned money by her work, but she could well invest part of her free funds in cryptocurrency. We can only speculate, but Natalie or her husband may have several BTC or altcoins worth a similar amount. After dozens of incredibly interesting interviews with millionaires, the presenter simply cannot take digital assets negatively.

In favor of the fact that the journalist made a profitable investment is her unexpected interest in cryptocurrency, which coincided with the achievement of BTC and many altcoins of their peak prices in 2021. It is believed that in the bull market, she earned several hundred thousand dollars. For this reason, she decided to reformat her business podcast and dedicate it to the most promising financial market.