SEC Launches FinHub for Financial Innovations

SEC Launches FinHub for Financial Innovations

Several days ago, SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) created Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology (Finhub in short), which will be responsible for cooperation with blockchain enterpreneurs, ICOs, investors, etc.

The main tasks of the newly created hub will be as follows:

  • This is a link between the US regulator and entrepreneurs, developers working with blockchain technologies;
  • It provides information about the so-called robo-advisers and other technologies of artificial intelligence in investment sphere.
  • It will also serve as FinTech Forum for engaging with SEC staff. It is expected that the forum will be held next year. Now one can apply for participation in it at the SEC’s website.

The new structure will be led by Valerie A. Szczepanik, who is Senior Advisor for Digital Assets and Innovation in the regulator and also an n Associate Director for the Division of Corporation Finance.

We believe that this news will positively affect cryptocurrency market, as its regulation is one of major criterion for institutional investors to enter the market. You can read more about FinHub on the SEC’s official website.

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