Will Electroneum (ETN) Be Pumped Soon? Coinbase Listing Expected

Will Electroneum (ETN) Be Pumped Soon? Coinbase Listing Expected

In recent times Electroneum (ETN) has made significant moves in crypto market, which excites people very much. The community has even decided to contribute to its listing on Coinbase through a petition posted on change.org. More than 24000 signatures have already been collected. Setting the target of getting 25000 signatures the community anticipates Coinbase to respond by listing ETN. What are the prospects?

Taking into account the fact that recently updated Coinbase’s requirements for placing new coins are very benefic to ETN (for example, it doesn’t have to pay any fees for listing coins), it has huge chances of becoming the part of Coinbase.

Except possible joining Coinbase, Electroneum has other achievements. For instance, ETN is going to organize local advertising with the use of media, including social, soon. Obviously, it will contribute to the increasing of popularity of ETN since social media is very powerful tool in advertising any product.

The popularity of ETN will lead to increasing of its value on the market.

Besides, ETN is very appealing for investors. With the help of mobile service providers it will be accessed in any corner of the world. The worldwide spreading of ETN is one more proof that its perspectives for becoming powerful blockchain platform are huge.

Moreover, Electroneum’s patent concerning immediate crypto payment will soon be granted, which also will contribute to the importance and value of this coin dramatically.

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