Stellar Lumens (XLM) Price Prediction 2019, 2018

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Price Prediction 2019, 2018

Probably every person who is interested in cryptocurrencies knows about Stellar Lumens platform. Sure thing, as this cryptographic currency holds the 6th place in market capitalization according to Coinmarketcap.

Well, is it a good investment? Should you buy it now? If you want to find answers to these questions, then you need to read this article.

What is Stellar?

Stellar is a fully decentralized platform, which has its own cryptocurrency called XLM (Stellar Lumens). It is aimed to be like an intermediate between the current financial world and decentralized cryptocurrencies. The system is intended for fiat-crypto transfers, which makes it possible to perform cross-border transactions between any currency pair.

The platform has a unique consensus protocol – Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), which is different from proof-of-work, proof-of-stake and other types of protocols. It allows for reaching consensus without using a closed system to record transactions and without unanimous consent.

XLM Coin, Stellar Price Today

The coin showed incredible growth in winter 2017-2018 surging from 0,03 in November 2017 to $0.93 in January 2018. Moreover, its price does not decrease too much from peak value compared with most coins on the market (XLM falls 72% from its all-time high). This is a good result considering 2018 bearish trend.

Like Bitcoin, Stellar coin is not very volatile now. And it seems to be more stable that many cryptos out of top 10 by market cap. Sometimes (when the market shows signs of life) XLM is pumped.

See the ticker below to know Stellar price today.

  • XLMStellar$0.0791232.29%

Where can you buy XLM? This coin is well-known and popular, so it has been listed at many exchanges, including the following ones:

  • Binance;
  • HitBTC;
  • Kraken;
  • Huobi;
  • Bitfinex;
  • Kucoin;
  • Stellarport;
  • OKEx;
  • Exmo, etc.

Stellar (XLM) Price Prediction 2018, 2019

We are Stellar believers however we’ll try to impartially analyze the factors that may affect the price of this flagship cryptocurrency within the next 9 months.

Positive factors that might affect the crypto’s price, in our opinion, are as follows:

  • According to the XLM graph, the coin is now somewhere at the bottom. In our opinion, it is unlikely that it will fall significantly or fall ever from this value.
  • Stellar is a well-known platform and is a very recognizable brand. Although it cannot be compared with such behemoths as Bitcoin or Ripple it holds good positions in the market and crypto community.
  • The platform is in demand. There are many projects built on Stellar, in particular, SatoshiPay (a payment widget for the web), Blockbook (a system for creating avatars for Stellar users’ addresses), BlockEQ (a decentralized exchange), WeBuy (an on-demand advertising platform) and many others. On this website, you can find the list of the projects.
  • The project has a powerful team, which consists of Jed McCaleb (a former Ripple developer), David Mazières (a professor of Computer Science at Stanford University), and other experienced people.
  • Crypto forecast websites like Walletinvestor give it positive predictions. They also influence people’s opinions and their decision on whether to buy or not to buy this coin.
  • Finally, last but not least, the platform has received a certificate of compliance with Sharia Law. No other coin has gained such an adoption in Islamic states. This may contribute to the popularity of the crypto amongst Muslim people.

To be more objective, we should analyze some factors that, in our opinion, may slow down Stellar Lumen’s growth. They’re as follows:

  • According to research by Kevin Rooke, Stellar had only 676 daily active addresses as of beginning of September 2018. The crypto was placed on 24th place in Kevin’s list of cryptocurrencies that had more than 400 users in a 24-hour period. You can agree that it is not much. Even such less-known and less capitalized coins as Decred and PIVX featured more daily users.
  • If the market shows bearish trend, the cryptocurrency will follow it. As practice has shown, it cannot breast the current.
  • That’s it! As noted by one Reddit users (icomaker) in the discussion about Stellar disadvantages, “nothing comes to mind”.

Despite potentially negative factors described above, Stellar Lumens long-term price may be surprising (in good sense).

Find our short-term and long-term Stellar price forecast in the table below.

Period Stellar (XLM) Price Forecast
Best Case Scenario Worst Case Scenario
December 2018 $1 $0.3
Early 2019 $2 $0.33
Mid 2019 $3 $0.38

Disclaimer. This forecast is just our opinion on the coin’s future. It should not be treated as exact investment advice. Be sure to conduct your own analysis before purchasing any cryptocurrency on the highly volatile market. The table shows only approximate values that might be possible during specified time periods, so pay more attention to the factors above.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Price Prediction 2019, 2018
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