Swiss Central Bank Warns Users About Fake “E-Crona” Cryptocurrencies

Swiss Central Bank Warns Users About Fake “E-Crona” Cryptocurrencies

Recently Central Sweden bank has issued a warning about illegal activity of private persons and firms, intending to sell the e-krona, which is an electronic type of krona (national currency), since the government hasn’t taken any decision about its distribution yet.

Riksbank has reported that the discussions related to e-kronas’ issue haven’t ended up yet. Maybe, in the future the establishment of this type of currency will be approved. It has emphasized on that Internet and phone frauds are widespread. Users can find offers to purchase e-kronas on various Internet-resources (websites, social media). There are also cases of connecting possible clients via cell phones. Trusting persons are very likely to become victims of swindles.

Riksbank has concluded that citizens should immediately call the bank if they are proposed to buy fake currency. It’s to be recalled, that in 2017 the central bank launched a campaign, aimed at determining the necessity of issuing of e-krona. In October, 2018, the report, related the e-krona project was published.

Its main conditions were:

  • a technical base for electronic currency should be designed for the purpose of testing a practical application and ways of releasing;
  • Riksbank has to offer legislative amendment, required for defining the bank’s mandate and establishment of the legal status of created currency;
  • a further investigation of e-kronas financial characteristics and its impact on economy should be provided.

But remember that the project is still only on the paper.

Kryptonex Research Group is one of the scam-companies, which started selling of e-krona (Sweden’s Coin) in April, 2018. Its illegal operating was soon stopped, but ill-fated coin buyers got nothing.

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