Wanchain (WAN) Price Prediction 2019

Wanchain (WAN) Price Prediction 2019

Wanchain is a relatively new project (it gained real functionality in January 2018), which has its own blockchain and a block explorer. It offers its users an opportunity to perform various finance transactions on the blockchain platform. Its coin is named WAN. Let’s have a closer look at WAN price prediction in 2019.

What Is Wanchain?

Wanchain is an extended financial infrastructure, that smoothly links blockchain networks. Its vision includes digital economy, digitization of assets, asset connection, and creating new finance/banking apps.

Besides being up-to-date cross-chain protocol, Wanchain is also a distributed ledger, which keeps records of intra-chain and cross-chain transactions. Moreover, this platform is characterized by high privacy protection.

Wancoin, WAN Price Today

As stated in the project’s Whitepaper, Wancoin is its native coin. Intra- and cross chain transactions “eat” a certain amount of the crypto. It can also serve as a security deposit for cross-chain verification nodes in the network. Over the past six months, the position of this cryptocurrency in the market has deteriorated. It migrated from the top 40 by capitalization at the beginning of May 2018 (there were peak prices) to the top 70 as of November 2018.

    Wanchain Price Forecast – Analysis of Factors

    Having made an analysis of official data, CoinMarketCap data and users’ opinions, we found out some factors (both favorable and unfavorable) that can influence WAN’s price in the nearest future.

    There are many positive aspects of Wanchain platform, that can contribute to the prosperous future of its cryptocurrency.

    • The project is willing to link all assets in future. WAN wallet supports cross-chain transactions with Ethereum, the company promises to support more cryptos in future versions.
    • The wallet also allows traditional transactions (public) and fully private transactions (in stealth mode).
    • The platform may be used as a basis for ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) like Ethereum.
    • Ethereum Dapps may be launched on Wanchain, furthermore, they may be improved with the project’s API to improve privacy and cross-chain features.
    • The price of the coin finds firm support. This may lead to soon growth.

    Unfavorable factors, which may negatively affect the coin’s price in the future:

    • Market is not on stable position now, it just shows short-term pumps and dumps all the time, which prevent the coin from growing.
    • There is a high competition in the area of cross-chain communication. According to Invest in Blockchain, 11 projects are working on blockchain interoperability. Among them are ICON, Aion, ARK, and Metronome.

    In addition, users have to visit not official site for getting to know about recent/future events concerning this cryptocurrency. In our opinion, the project’s site needs to be more informative. For instance, at their Twitter page we’ve found recent news about WAN cooperation with Chainlink. But we haven’t managed to found that on wanchain.org. This factor can indirectly influence the price of Wanchain, because the audience, who use only official website, do not have access to recent events.

    According to an article published on Walletinvestor website, the price of Wanchain had been going to drop to zero (now the forecast is not so categorical). Reddit users have started discussion concerning it in order to find out: “Is that real possibility”? Well, it should be noted that Walletinvestor is operating by algorithms, which do not take into account fundamental factors. As far as we understand, the website shows the data which is based only on the Machine Learning. That is why, it is worth not taking this information as a sole basis for investment intentions (the same goes for our estimates).

    The Bottom Line

    As for our Wanchain price forecast, it is simple. WAN price is highly dependent on the market condition in general. If the market raises, the coin’s price will go up, reaching approximately $2 at the beginning of 2019. If the market is subject to protracted flat or bearish trend, the crypto’s value will remain relatively stable or even fall. But we don’t think that potential price decrease will be significant or will happen ever.

    Disclaimer. You shouldn’t treat the information above as a sole reason for your investment decision. The above figures are just our estimated vision of the situation. Pay more attention to the factors we have cited. And also: if you invest in coins, you will most likely lose on a bear market, and you will stay in a bullish position on a bull market.

    Wanchain (WAN) Price Prediction 2019
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