QuarkChain (QKC) Price Prediction 2023 & Long-Term Forecast

QuarkChain (QKC) Price Prediction 2023 & Long-Term Forecast

The main problem with modern cryptocurrencies is a small amount of transactions per second (TPS). Agree, a long time of operation (for instance, when depositing Ethereum to an exchange) is sometimes annoying. QuarkChain offers a revolutionary solution to the problem. But will it be in demand in the future? Will it grow in price?

What Is QuarkChain?

Quarkchain is a high-speed blockchain consisting of two layers: the root one and sharding ones. What is the distinguishing feature of QuarkChain? The reported number of transactions per second is 1 million transactions. For example, VISA is capable of processing up to 56 thousand transactions per second. The transaction capacity of BTC is only 3.3 to 7 TPS (the Lighting Network is designed to solve this problem).

Features of the platform’s blockchain are as follows:

  • Two-layers: sharding + root blockchain.
  • Cross-transactions: they are available at any time, and their confirmation takes a few minutes.
  • Market-oriented co-mining, which is a special incentive algorithm that prevents waste of power.
  • Single smart wallet.
  • Horizontal scaling: an increase in the number of private nodes.

A very important feature of the network, which became available along with the transition to Mainnnet, is an algorithm of consensus called Boson Consensus. It is designed exclusively for QuarkChain and allows each shard to have its own consensus algorithms, ledger models, transaction types, and economy features. It can be said that the developers managed to collect all the main consensus algorithms in one blockchain simultaneously.

QKC Coin

QKC belonged to well-known ERC-20 tokens created on the Ethereum blockchain. After launching the Mainnet on 30 April 2019, ERC-20 tokens were converted to Mainnet tokens. Premining was proposed for this.

This cryptocurrency is available for trading on the following exchanges:

  • Binance;
  • Bilaxy;
  • Hotbit;
  • Kucoin;
  • Gate.io;
  • other exchanges with minor volumes (Koinex, Kyber Network, WazirX).

QuarkChain Price Forecast 2022-2023

Analyzing the official documentation, CoinMarketCap data and user opinions, we identified a number of factors that could affect the price of QKC in one direction or another.

Favorable factors:

  • The coin is traded on many exchanges, including Binance, Kucoin and Gate.io. The whole list can be found at
  • In April 2019, the team launched Mainnet with a full-fledged wallet. Usually such events have a positive effect on price growth. This happened with QKC.
  • Simulations has been carried out, where the blockchain really showed high performance.

Unfavorable factors:

  • 1 million transactions per second are only plans of the developers, in the current version of WhitePaper you can see only 100 TPS.
  • QuarkChain is not yet a well-known project, so many people do not want to invest money in it.
  • General factor: the cryptocurrency market is highly competitive. For example, Ethereum developers plans to switch to sharding technology, which will significantly increase the network capacity.

The coin started to go out from the bottom. It gradually began to receive new volumes. The number of investors has also begun to grow. Mainnet launch was delayed, but better late than never. Moreover, the bull market in the spring of 2019 worked in favor of the project. The team generally does not violate the deadlines, but in 2019 the projects have no time to stirring up. Hope, after the launch of its own network, Quark Chain will be able to fully reveal itself and gain a foothold in the market.

Thus, we believe that the cost of QKC coins will gradually increase with acceleration in the winter 2020. See our QuarkChain price predictions in the table below.

Period Quarkchain (QKC) Price Predictions
Q2 2022 $0.032
Q3 2022 $0.052
Q4 2022 $0.07
Winter 2023 $0.12

Disclaimer: This forecast for the price of Quarkchain (QKC) is not investment advice. Always assess the risks yourself before buying coins and do not put all money in one basket.

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QuarkChain (QKC) Price Prediction 2023 & Long-Term Forecast
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