Animated explainer video – best way to promote cryptocurrency service

Animated explainer video – best way to promote cryptocurrency service

There has been an increase in the number of businesses integrating blockchain into their offerings. But how can you convey the complexity of blockchain in a way that everybody can understand? An animated explainer video is a proven method for promoting your business and attracting new customers. Read an article about how to create crypto explainer video.

What is animated explainer video and why businesses need it?

Animated explainer videos are two-minute or shorter videos that simplify, engage, and meaningfully show complicated ideas. This category of video has gained popularity in recent years. It is a successful example of a method for attracting website visitors from several social media platforms. In addition:

  • It  can be an excellent method for blockchain enterprises to inform their target audience about the essential features of their goods;
    An animated explainer video is an excellent way to show your blockchain strategy;
    It helps you communicate your blockchain plan to stakeholders. Launching a new blockchain technology is difficult for startups. Your business depends on customers. Adding a blockchain video can boost attention. Best cryptocurrency videos boost conversions by 30%;
    It is an excellent investment for your company.

Tips to create an animated explainer video for promote cryptocurrency service

Create a plot

Developing an animated explainer video for blockchain necessitates a coherent plot. The best cryptocurrency explanation can increase brand recognition.


  • Your script must address the issues listed below:
    What do you provide?
    Who is the target?
    What problem does the product or service resolve?
    How does it approach the problem?

What is the next step?

  • Create an engaging video;
  • You must consider typography, colors, images, and music to do this;
  • Identify a trustworthy blockchain video production company. Always examine the company’s portfolio for examples of its past work. You should shop about for the best pricing and hire a professional with significant knowledge of the industry.

Why cryptocurrency explainer video is so important?    

It is a tried-and-true method of advertising and promoting services or for introducing new ideas or concepts. They are creative and engaging, allowing you to tell an engaging story to the viewer. If you need a video for cryptocurrencies, blockchain, crypto-applications, or blockchain-applications, the Zelios Agency team is an expert in the field. What are you waiting for? Start animation production from just $900 and get an impressive video.