Bitcoin Cash Future Price Prediction 2023

Bitcoin Cash Future Price Prediction 2023

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is probably the most successful fork of Bitcoin. Since August 2017, the number of his fans has been consistently growing.

The cryptocurrency market is going through hard times, especially when compared with the incredible growth three months ago. Of course, Bitcoin Cash is dependent on the general trend. This means that the growth of its cost will be more smooth, that is it will have market price.

Bitcoin Cash Price Graph

Above and beyond the recent stagnation of the cryptocurrency market, the price of Bitcoin Cash shows a good growth. Let’s look at 2017-2018 Bitcoin Cash graph.

The price of this cryptocurrency in September 2017 was $437. The price of Bitcoin Cash is about $1000 as of May 2018. Dynamics over 6 months is more than positive. However, from the point of view of investment, such a period is not long.

Highest Possible Price of Bitcoin Cash 2022-2023

The key feature of BCH is that the block size in the network was increased to 8 MB. Today this meets all the challenges of the market. This means that interest in Bitcoin Cash will not weaken. BCH is ready to show high speed of transactions even where their number is growing rapidly. But this is not the main thing. This cryptocurrency is accepted by well-known merchants, in addition, a lot of miners switched from BTC to BCH mining. By the end of the spring of 2018, Bitcoin Cash may be close to recovering all the lost positions. The price of about $1000 by the middle of the year is more than real in case of BTC price growth.

Further price growth will be more smooth. But we are sure that in the case of positive market dynamics, the growth rate of Bitcoin Cash might be very attractive. Since the middle of 2018 until the end of 2018 its exchange rate should be increased by half. We believe that $2000 is highest possible price of Bitcoin Cash in 2022-2023.

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Disclaimer. This information is our estimate. This Bitcoin Cash future price forecast shows the maximum prices that would be possible during a certain period. Keep in mind that the cryptocurrency market is regularly subject to corrections. If Bitcoin Cash surpasses all our expectations, we will be only too happy about it.