Elon Musk Has Called Bitcoin Structure “Brilliant”

Elon Musk Has Called Bitcoin Structure “Brilliant”

Elon Musk, an American entrepreneur and a billionaire, again expressed his opinion on cryptocurrency, which can be regarded as promising.

In an interview with a representative of the investment company ARK Invest, Elon revealed his thoughts about the future of their companies (first of all, SpaceX Tesla) and spoke about cryptocurrency.

He believes that Bitcoin has a “brilliant” structure. In addition, according to him, the cryptocurrency bypasses currency control, and paper money is gradually receding into oblivion.

However, the famous entrepreneur also pointed out the disadvantages of cryptocurrency, which prevent his companies from using this technology in their activities, in particular, he stressed high energy intensity of Bitcoin.

It is worth remembering that in October 2018, Musk made a mysterious tweet regarding cryptocurrency. Now the billionaire says that he was just joking amidst the prevalence of scams, where fraudsters pretended to be Elon and deceived users, who sent them cryptocurrency in the hope of getting more coins in exchange.

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