Important Listings on Binance and Other Top Crypto Exchanges

Important Listings on Binance and Other Top Crypto Exchanges

Listing is always an important event on the cryptocurrency market. However, users are fed up with such news about listings. But this week the leading trading platforms made more important changes to their trading lists.

Today, Bittrex, Huobi and Binance are in the spotlight. The first two exchanges made the expected token listings from interesting projects (Bytom (BTM) on Bittrex and Dock (DOCK) for Huobi users). In the case of Binance, everything is much more serious.

Now, the well-known Bitcoin Cash forks (BCHSV and BCHABC) can be bought / sold in pairs with such stablecoins as USDC, PAX, TUSD. This listing does not look so incredible for BCH’s “successor”. But for “Satoshi’s vision” it’s a chance to get out of the protracted crisis.

In addition, Binance intends to open trading for such pairs as LTC/TUSD, LTC/PAX, LTC/USDC, TRX/PAX and TRX/USDC.

Taking into account these and other listings of leading crypto exchanges, we can conclude that the listing policy of Binance is much more fundamental than that of competitors.

The “health condition” of the market does not give grounds to say that the expansion of trading pairs will lead to pumps of the newly made inhabitants of the exchanges. But traders and simple crypto-enthusiasts are given a wide choice of trading pairs. This should saturate the market with valuable volumes.

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