Mercuryo Has Developed a Website Monetization Tool

Mercuryo Has Developed a Website Monetization Tool

A lot of entrepreneurs who create information media resources, think about their monetization in the early stages. It is extremely difficult to promote advertising on the Internet: users don’t like it, and getting them to view paid content is a rather difficult task which requires great creative effort. In general, not everyone can monetize their audience. For the site owner to start receiving money, a large number of visitors is necessary, and for this, the site should be attractive for both them and an advertiser. At the same time, sellers of advertising impose on the web resource audience a multitude of requirements that must correspond to the description of the target audience: gender, age, marital status, education, income, use of certain services, localization, and so on. Without special skills in the field of marketing and analytical instruments, such data is extremely difficult to obtain. And only a professional marketer can systematize and compile them. That is, it is possible to collect information, but to sell it is still a problem for many.

Why then owners of websites, who have perfect relationships with their audience, cannot monetize their websites on their own? “Mercuryo” experts claim that it is definitely possible.

CBDO “Mercuryo” Peter Koziakov told about the new way of monetization: “Our new product “Widget” will allow you to monetize your traffic effectively and safely. The essence of the widget is simple – we add the capability to sell cryptocurrency right on your site,” said Petr Koziakov.

The technical side of turning the site’s audience into its owner’s income is commented on by BDO “Mercuryo” Vitaly Medvedev:

“There are two types of remuneration: “lower commission”, when we pay you 0.5% of each transaction and “upper commission”, when you expose any amount of commission over ours. At the same time, your earnings are unlimited. If a user has registered a wallet with “Mercuryo” through a widget on your site and subsequently made a purchase directly through us, you still get 0.5% commission for this purchase. The remuneration in BTC is transferred to your personal account. BTC can be withdrawn as fiat. The business value is obvious: increased profit; enhanced business’s ability to retain existing customers over time (Customer Retention Rate),” said Vitaly Medvedev.

Companies with low retention rate are like a leaky bucket. Of course, one can endlessly pour water so that the bucket remains full. But patching the holes is a better option. According to the Harvard Business Review, attracting a new client costs 5 to 25 times more than keeping an existing one. In addition, research by Bain & Company shows that an increase in the retention rate by 5% entails an increase in income by 25 to 95%.

While the legislation in the field of cryptocurrency in Russia and the CIS is still raw, many people are afraid to deal with BTC or ETH. Representatives of “Mercuryo” claim: their system is built in such a way that a site owner does not deal with cryptocurrency directly. It simply provides a service for its purchase, through the counterparty. All risks associated with financial operations are borne by “Mercuryo”.

Alexander Vasiliev, Mercuryo Commercial Director, told in detail about risks:

“You do not in any way deal with cryptocurrency and payment processing – we will do the rest for you, including: working with chargebacks; rolling reserve at the acquirer; providing bitcoin liquidity; KYC; fighting against fraudsters using a special antifraud system,” commented Alexander Vasilyev.

Designers and programmers of “Mercuryo” have developed the widget so that it can be quickly and easily installed and customized for website design.

The company “Mercuryo” was created by professionals in the field of payment services: Win Pay co-founders Peter Koziakov and Alexander Vasiliev, as well as mobile application and fintech expert Grigori Vaysman. The geography of “Mercuryo” audience extends to Russia, the countries of Eastern and Western Europe. The project solves the problem of many crypto exchanges that do not support bank cards for Bitcoin trading. Previously, users had to buy cryptocurrency on third platforms, and then deposit it on the exchange. “Mercuryo” solved this problem by placing a widget on its B2B clients’ websites, with which one can buy the right amount of BTC without leaving the site. Business got interested in this service immediately. Using their extensive contacts in the banking sector, Peter Koziakov and Alexander Vasiliev partnered with dozens of clients immediately after the official release of the project in 2019. The total turnover of “Mercuryo” from B2B contracts at the moment is already more than $10,000,000 per month.