New Bitcoin Bullrun: Opinions of Famous Experts

New Bitcoin Bullrun: Opinions of Famous Experts

The market is now teeming with talks about breaking the bearish trend. The rise in prices for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies this time is systemic. Market capitalization has increased significantly. What would it mean and how will the cryptocurrency continue? We have collected interesting tweets of opinion leaders, in which they speak about the causes and consequences of the rally and make some predictions.

Let’s start with Bitcoin criticism. Nouriel Roubini, an economic expert and one of the authors of Bloomberg, believes that the growth of crypto is not something that a self-respecting user might be interested in.

This expert and analyst has always criticized Bitcoin. Joseph Young answered him, or rather his article, in a sarcastic manner.

The crypto enthusiast noted that today’s rally fully compensates users of the month of stagnation. It looks like he is awaiting the recovery of the market and the new blitzkriegs.

John McAfee, known for his bullish attitude even in the most bearish times, complained to those who did not believe him that the market trend had reversed.

John McAfee believes in further growth. If the market has changed direction, one can expect a new ATH.

Popular crypto blogger Ryan Selkis made fun of “hamsters”.

Probably, Ryan doesn’t see any reason for a Bitcoin rollback to $4,000 and buying the bottom.

At the very beginning of this trend of CEO Binance Changpeng Zhao asked the community about the reasons for the greening of the market.

In the future, we are waiting for a more serious reaction from him.

Another popular crypto blogger ArminVanBitcoin gave a forecast for the market.

Before that, he had already mentioned the key mark of $6,000 for 1 Bitcoin. Looking forward to overcoming it.

What do you think about the new bull run?

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New Bitcoin Bullrun: Opinions of Famous Experts
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