Pundi X (NPXS) Price Prediction: 2023 Forecast, Latest News
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Pundi X (NPXS) Price Prediction: 2023 Forecast, Latest News

Blockchain startups, crypto marketplace, cryptocurrency terminals… Aren’t these words familiar to you? Generally speaking, Pundi X concept revolves around them but is not limited to them. The article below is devoted to analyses of perspectives of NPXS coin. Let’s start!

What is Pundi X?

Pundi X is a project intended for making cryptos approachable to everyone. Its network includes hundreds of smart crypto terminals called Pundi X POS. The project has been created by Wokoworks team, which has wide experience in developing online wallets.

The idea of the project is that buyers could pay with cryptocurrencies after connecting their wallets to the system. The system itself exchanges crypto to fiat and vice versa if necessary.

NPXS is a payment means inside the platform. Using it, users can pay for services provided by the company, such as selling cryptocurrencies and advertising products.

Due to users’ ballot the coin was awarded a free listing on Binance in June 2018.

Pundi X News

  1. XPOS Device Expansion

Throughout 2022, Pundi X successfully deployed its XPOS devices in various countries, partnering with merchants and retailers to make cryptocurrency transactions more accessible to consumers. The growing adoption of XPOS devices has boosted the utility and value of NPXS, which serves as the native token for these transactions.

  1. Pundi XChain Launch

In 2022, Pundi X launched its blockchain platform, Pundi XChain. This decentralized platform aims to improve scalability and security for the Pundi X ecosystem while enabling the development of decentralized applications (dApps) and services. The Pundi XChain launch has brought more attention to the NPXS token, which is utilized for transaction fees and other functions on the platform.

  1. Partnerships and Integrations

Pundi X has forged several strategic partnerships and integrations throughout 2022. These collaborations include partnerships with payment gateways, e-commerce platforms, and other blockchain projects, helping to expand the reach and utility of NPXS.

Significant Events

  1. Increased XPOS Device Adoption

In 2023, Pundi X aims to further increase the adoption of its XPOS devices worldwide, targeting more merchants and retailers in various industries. This expansion is expected to drive the demand for NPXS, as more consumers and businesses begin to utilize the cryptocurrency for everyday transactions.

  1. XWallet and XCard Improvements

Pundi X plans to enhance its XWallet mobile app and XCard payment card in 2023, with new features and optimizations aimed at improving user experience and security. These improvements will allow users to more easily manage their NPXS and other supported cryptocurrencies, further increasing the adoption and utility of Pundi X.

  1. Pundi XChain Ecosystem Growth

The Pundi X team plans to expand the Pundi XChain ecosystem in 2023, by attracting more developers and projects to build on the platform. This expansion may include the launch of new dApps and services, as well as additional partnerships and integrations with other blockchain platforms.

  1. Community and Developer Initiatives

To foster growth and community engagement, Pundi X will continue to roll out various initiatives in 2023. These initiatives may include hackathons, developer workshops, and educational resources aimed at encouraging the development of new applications and services built on the Pundi X platform.

Pundi X Price Forecast 2022-2023

Let’s analyze factors that might affect the price of NPXS.

Positive factors:

  • A puissant supportive community, which facilitated free listing of the coin on Binance.
  • According to info on the official website, Pundi X has concluded partnerships with Stellar, NEM, Qtum, and other humongous companies.
  • Token holders will be able to benefit each month for a three-year period during the distribution of tokens using Proof of Stake.

Negative factors:

  • Pundi X is primarily intended to be a means of payment (for infrastructural purposes), and this doesn’t mean that its price will rise materially.
  • The project has a lot of competitors.
  • Pundi X is based on not only decentralized solutions but also centralized ones, e.g. management of customer base.

We believe that this altcoin has good perspectives. Pundi X has an original idea and brings exceptional innovations in the world of crypto. But its competitors is also developing. Remember Odyssey (OCN), this platform is also aimed at decentralized economy, convenient ecosystem, retail solutions, etc. However, Pundi team is vigorous, and they will succeed in achieving their targets. In addition, services provided by them, especially the blockchain smartphone, are in demand nowadays.

See our Pundi X (NPXS) price predictions 2019 in the table below.

Period NPXS Price Forecast
Best Case Scenario Worst Case Scenario
End of 2022 $0.0005 $0.0004
Early 2023 $0.0009 $0.0007
Mid 2023 $0.0018 $0.001

How much will Pundi cost in 2020? This question is controversial. But in the long run, the coin has more chances for growth than in the next quarter. This is due to future updates, which will dictate the success of the project. CIB’s team expects that the price growth dynamics in 2020 will be significantly higher than the current one, considering propitious conditions on the cryptocurrency market.

Disclaimer: This information shouldn’t be treated as an investment advice. Always make your own decisions and remember that investing in cryptos is always a risk.

Pundi X (NPXS) Price Prediction: 2023 Forecast, Latest News
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