Quantis Network (QUAN) Price Prediction 2023

Quantis Network (QUAN) Price Prediction 2023

In October 2018, Quantis Network (QUAN) coin became available for trading and investment. This cryptographic currency immediately attracted the attention of the community, as it has an interesting functionality and can bring good profit. We figured out how promising QUAN is.

What is Quantis Network?

Quantis is a distributed network created on the Bitcoin protocol. It can be said that the project team decided to create its Bitcoin with a high level of privacy and scalability. The main task of the network is to provide the community with the most anonymous system for exchanging funds and other data.

Features of this platform:

  • privacy of transactions;
  • algorithms for combating censorship for anonymous communication;
  • a hybrid consensus mechanism (Proof of Work + Proof of Stake);
  • increased network validation through the use of masternodes.


This is an open source digital currency, available to anyone. It can be used for anonymous P2P transactions. The coin is available for mining and stacking. It can also be granted to users for the management of masternodes.

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Quantis Network (QUAN) Price Forecast for 2022-2023

Quantis began to show incredible growth immediately after appearing in the cryptomarket. The most successful users were able to gain 800% profit despite the fact that the crypto was traded on low-volume exchanges. But this happens to a new crypto very often. There are a number of objective factors that will determine the real value of the cryptocurrency in the future.

Factors that may contribute to the growth of QUAN:

  1. Good start. The coin quickly became known in the community.
  2. The network is ready for full-fledged functioning.
  3. The project team has a lot of bold plans. In the future, we can see a blockchain notary, a safe mobile wallet, and a platform for secure communication.
  4. There are perspectives of listing on more or less well-known exchanges.

Factors that might hold back Quantis price:

  1. Despite the team’s big plans, QUAN is currently positioned exclusively as a means of payment and exchange.
  2. Euphoria after the first super-profit will rapidly fall.
  3. The Roadmap of the project is very vague. We see that the team has many plans, but the timing of their achievement is too abstract.

Do not expect that Quantis will become the top cryptocurrency. At least in the near future. The project is very young, but ambitious. If the team begins to embody its ideas, the platform will become one of the most promising products on the market. However, it is early to talk about it.

You should not look at QUAN’s peak prices at Coinmarketcap. The main indicator is the crypto’s corrected price and its further movement

In the table below, you will see our opinion on QUAN price forecast for 2019, 2020.

Period Quantis Network (QUAN) Price Prediction
Autumn 2022 $0,05
December 2022 $0,07
Winter 2023 $0,12

Disclaimer: It is not worth using this forecast as a guide for trading and investment. It is an expression of our view of the crypto’s rate, which is of a purely informative nature.

Quantis Network (QUAN) Price Prediction 2023
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