SelfKey (KEY) Price Prediction 2023

SelfKey (KEY) Price Prediction 2023

SelfKey (KEY) is a decentralized identification system through which users can check a person to access a variety of services. ERC-20 platform tokens (KEY) are used as collateral for participating in the system and conducting payments.

SelfKey Project

The essense of this decentralized system is quite simple. The blockchain technology serves to verify users of various services. If you want to provide a safe and accurate logging in of your users to your platform, use SelfKey platform.
But that’s not all. Here are some of the things this project can offer you:

  1. Secure access to identification assets and documents, their verification and notarization, as well as the exchange of such data with authorized persons represented on the SelfKey marketplace.
  2. Quick access to financial and immigration services. In the future, it will be possible to get a passport, create a business, open a bank account or a trading platform through the platform.
  3. KEY coin that may be used as a means of payment in the system.

SelfKey News and Announces

The SelfKey team has big plans. The launch in March 2019 of the corporate blockchain marketplace was a very serious event. Note that the company launched such a large-scale service according to the time frame set in the roadmap. Now users have the opportunity to open their business in priority jurisdictions (for example, Switzerland or Hong Kong) and pay all registration expenses with a KEY coin.

The spring of this year continued the trends of autumn 2018 in the context of expanding partnerships. On April 30, a comprehensive partnership with the digital asset exchange InstaSwap, focused on user privacy, was announced. This is certainly not a partnership with Facebook, which is sometimes unilaterally hinted at on the official SelfKey website, but the quantity should one day turn into quality.

Price of SelfKey (KEY) in 2022

In July 2018, the token was listed on Binance crypto exchange. About one day nothing much happened, but then incredible growth began: the coin showed x5 growth (at some point its price reached $0.05). In the news, this “to the Moon” surge was associated with the launch of SelfKey’s Identity Wallet. Then, naturally, price decrease began. It badly coincided with the total crisis of altcoins. That is why the coin reached the bottom. The situation is gradually improving, and in 2019, altcoin received strong support at $0.003. This makes it possible to make a more rational analysis of the dynamics of the KEY value.

SelfKey (KEY) Price Forecast 2022-2023

We believe that the token can be purchased for a short term (taking into account the situation on the market, including technical analysis picture). As for long-term prospects, time will tell us. SelfKey project seems promising, but we know a lot of projects that have “recurved” despite good ideas & respectable founders behind them. In addition, the project has competitors on the market, such as Civic and Sorvin.

Price growth factors are as follows:

  • the network is developing;
  • the project is gaining more and more partners;
  • the team reports on the results of their work on a regular basis;
  • the solutions offered by SelfKey are relevant and necessary.

Factors that might hinder price increase:

  • the price of KEY coin is highly susceptible to general trends;
  • this cryptocurrency is gaining popularity slowly.

You can see SelfKey (KEY) price predictions for 2019 and 2020 in the table below.

Period SelfKey (KEY) Price Predictions
Q2 2022 $0.0047
Q3 2022 $0.0059
Q4 2022 $0.0071
Winter 2023 $0.0090

Disclaimer: This prediction of the price for Selfkey (KEY) is our estimate. You should always assess the risks before making investments. The price for the token, of course, will depend on the condition of the whole cryptocurrency market.

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SelfKey (KEY) Price Prediction 2023
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