Wasabi Wallet to Solve the Problem of BTC Transactions Anonymity
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Wasabi Wallet to Solve the Problem of BTC Transactions Anonymity

Zksnacks’ technical director Adam Fiscor has announced that from August 1, 2018, everyone will be able to install Wasabi Wallet (www.wasabiwallet.io) – a completely anonymous bitcoin wallet. It can only be used with Tor Browser. The anonymous browser will hide the user’s data, and the CoinJoin transaction system will send a lot of transactions at once, thereby hiding their real source.

Each bitcoin address is anonymous. But anonymity is retained only until the start of transactions, which are recorded to the blockchain. It will not be difficult for a specialist to find out the essence of the transaction (its source, direction, amount of Bitcoin). According to Adam Fishcor, Wasabi Wallet will ask for a balance of purses in such way that no one can establish a connection between them, and therefore identify the transaction.

The Wasabi Wallet project should bring huge profits. Its creators are so confident in this that they will not charge any fees for downloading and installing the purse. The only source of income should be 0.3% fee based on the amount of each transaction.

The payment for anonymity by the standards of the cryptocurrency circulation is quite high. However, we assume that many users are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to make their crypto lives more anonymous.

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