Forbes Launches Crypto Aggregator (Like CoinMarketCap)

Forbes Launches Crypto Aggregator (Like CoinMarketCap)

Forbes has decided not to stay away from the cryptocurrency market and has created Forbes Crypto portal. It has good design and seems to be very informative.

The portal features functions that are similar to those of Coinmarketcap. It shows:

  • coins’ prices;
  • daily trading volumes;
  • market capitalization;
  • 24-hour price change;
  • the latest news in the crypto industry.

In addition, there are some unique features at Forbes Crypto. The company created unique crypto indices. FB30 index includes the top 30 coins by market cap. FB10 includes the top 10 cryptos. Top Cryptocurrencies Global contains main coins that are used as a means of payment and “digital gold” (or silver). Check this index, you may be surprised (for instance, NANO coin is contained there). Top 10 Blockchain and dApps Global contains cryptos whose primary purpose is supporting blockchain platforms or apps.

Well, creating such a resource by a global media company is a good sign. They probably know something…

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Forbes Launches Crypto Aggregator (Like CoinMarketCap)
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