Is Bull Market Coming? Crypto Expert Made a Hypothesis

Is Bull Market Coming? Crypto Expert Made a Hypothesis

Folks in crypto community (honestly, we also) are all waiting for serious bullish movements in the cryptocurrency space. Last year was really hard for this industry, and many people simply disillusioned and gone from there. However, now we see a relatively good situation on the market.

Crypto Dog, a prominent crypto analyst in Twitter, made a hypothesis about “raging bull market” which may burst our minds soon. He came to this conclusion using analysis of volumes on the market.

However, these volumes may include unfair wash trading. Here he means that many exchanges cheat and give out bloated figures of their trading volumes. This means that bull stage may be postponed for better times. Anyway, the online expert often gives precise forecasts, due to which he has earned great popularity.

Anyway, we’re expecting positive shifts in the crypto space. Institutional changes (like increased M&A activity) we are observing now cannot just pass tracklessly.

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