«There is no Max Price for BTC», CZ Binance Believes

«There is no Max Price for BTC», CZ Binance Believes

We really wanted to know the opinion of the crypto community, especially of the public opinion leaders, regarding the maximum observable price of Bitcoin, because it is obvious that everything has some limits. We turned to famous people in Twitter in the hope that they will share their vision of the future market.

Changpeng Zhao (CEO of Binance exchange) responded first:

Seems to be a loud statement without certainty. Although, from the point of view of a philosophical approach to the issue, one cannot argue with CZ.

We are very grateful for the comment by Ryan Selkiz (Ryan Selkis @twobitidiot), the creator of Messari Crypto:

Ryan answered very clearly and even gave a brief argument. It is this kind of answers that we wanted to collect and analyze.

Other twitterers also joined the discussion:

In general, the community liked the answer CZ. No wonder. Anyone who has at least a thousandth part of Bitcoin presented himself / herself as a millionaire just for a second.

It would be great if none of the crypto community respected people disdained such discussions.

Everyone has their own opinion, so evaluate the answers at your discretion.

P.S. We are pleased that we have created a topic for discussion, which became the source of news on various resources. An active link to our site is welcome.

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«There is no Max Price for BTC», CZ Binance Believes
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