Top Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2019: the List of Best Coins and Projects

Top Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2019: the List of Best Coins and Projects

The cryptocurrency market is developing very quickly. Thing that was relevant yesterday is not always topical today. Last year showed that the choice of cryptocurrency for investment should be extremely deliberate. That is why we analyzed the best projects, the relevance of which in 2019 will not disappear, and, perhaps, even increase. We hope that this article, a minimum, will provide you with useful information about heartening projects, and, at most, will help you not to lose your money.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in 2019

We divided the objects for investment into two groups:

  • Projects blockchain platforms.
  • Cryptocurrencies.

The logic of this separation is quite simple. You invest money either in promising technological solutions based on the blockchain, or in a popular cryptographic currency, which is characterized by massive adoption. Investing in both investment groups is a worthy choice. In 2019, the cryptoindustry continues to evolve, which means you can choose a “healthy” object for investment.

Promising Blockchain Projects in 2019

Let’s draw conclusions about the prospects of various projects according to their real meritoriousness. These are startups, which showed a development in 2018 and have a clear BUIDL priority – the development of technology.
A small top promising investment solutions:

  1. HOLO (HOT) – a project that offers an “alternative blockchain” named holochain. The main feature of the project is to ensure maximum decentralization. During the fall of the popularity of individual mining, the solution to the problem of network centralization becomes very relevant. Using DHT (Distributed Hash Table) instead of PoS and PoW is a breath of fresh air for the entire industry.
  2. PundiX (NPXS) – a platform for crypto payments. The team is working to distribute crypto terminals (XPOS®), which will pay for any goods and services. To use this solution, you just create a wallet on this platform. For entrepreneurs an instant exchange of cryptos for fiat and vice versa is available. The fruition of this idea makes the project interesting for use even for those who wanna expand the client base, but don’t wanna deal with cryptocoins.
  3. Zilliqa (ZIL) is a blockchain platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. It differs from competitors in groundbreaking solutions in the field of scalability and security. Already now, an indicator of 2500 transactions per second has been achieved. But the developers are not going to stop at this. ZIL coin will be very interesting for mining, since its profitability will significantly exceed the market average.
  4. Ethereum (ETH) is a well-known platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. The Ethereum team is actively working to improve the blockchain. The issue of scalability and security is about to be resolved. The popularity of the platform is not really dropped. The drop in interest in ICO was offset by the adoption of smart contracts. In addition, ETH cryptocurrency is very actively used as a means of payment. Freelancers especially love it. Notice how the ether began in develop in 2019. It seems that the coin decided to start a new life. And if we didn’t start running in the mornings, then Ethereum proves to everyone that it definitely didn’t deserve the title of “double-digit shitcoin”.

The Most Reliable Cryptocurrency in 2019

Reliability in the cryptocurrency market is very relative. But you can still understand which crypto you can buy hoping for “mooning” in long-term perspective.

Our list of cryptos, which will strengthen their position in 2019 is as follows:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC) is one of the most popular means of investment and payment. 2018, which was a year of reckoning for cryptocurrencies, showed that bitcoin is not going to die. There is no reason to believe that the cost of the main crypt will tend to zero. The February endorsement of Bitcoin ETF, the launch of the BAKKT platform is only a small part of impending events, which indicate serious market prospects.
  2. Litecoin (LTC) – a “digital silver”. It has a long history. The crypto survived almost everything. This means that LTC will continue to hold tight to the top positions in the market. In 2019, we are facing LTC halving. Many are seriously discussing the launch of Litecoin futures. “Digital silver” is also very convenient (we tested this several times).
  3. Ripple (XRP) – not really a cryptocurrency, but it has gigantic plans for the future. No matter how many different online publications laugh at this coin, it still remains in the list of highest capitalized coins. While the Internet is filling up with memes about the “Ripple moonshot” and Dr. Evil, XRP is increasingly being introduced into the banking system. This coin is even used for crediting the needs of the whole state, namely India. It has a serious base that will allow to increase valuation of this digital asset. 

How to Select a Cryptocurrency to Buy?

We are sure that there are still many very promising projects and coins on the market. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, you need to remember a few important points that will be decisive for the crypt in 2019:

  • The project should have plans concerning the development of the blockchain.
  • Its coin should be convenient for everyday use.
  • The crypto should not be seen in abnormal pumps.

Pay attention that cryptocurrencies, which are positioned as a means of payment, will no longer be a good investment object in the future, because a means of payment should be characterized by minimal volatility. But there is still time for investments.

Disclaimer: We have expressed our personal opinion regarding cryptos and startups that have good chances for massive adoption. We do not call for the purchase of specific coins and crypto as a whole. Use this article as a reference material, not as a guide to investment activities.

Top Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2019: the List of Best Coins and Projects
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